Panorama: Architecture in Germany

“Fountain house project” by Raumlabor Berlin; © Raumlabor Berlin

Radically New Perspectives – Transforming Public Space

Designers like the architects at Berlin’s Raumlabor collective work in the overlapping fields of architecture, city planning, art and urban intervention.More ...
Makoko Floating School in Lagos/Nigeria; © Iwan Baan

Building for the breadline – socially engaged architecture

An interview with Andres Lepik, Director of the Architecture Museum of the TU München, on new buildings in Africa and the responsibility of architects.More ...
The architect Matthias Böttger

“In a city, architecture exhibits itself” – an interview with Matthias Böttger

The São Paulo Architecture Biennale in 2013 bears the title “Cities – Ways of Making, Ways of Using”.More ...
J. MAYER H.: Rapport 1428 | © J. MAYER H., photographer: Ludger Paffrath, Berlin

Data Structures – An Exhibition of the Architect Jürgen Mayer H.

The Berlinische Galerie is showing an exponent of contemporary Berlin architecture: Jürgen Mayer H., border-crosser between architecture, design and the visual arts.More ...
Café Moskau, event area: Schillingstrasse, Foyer Club, Copyright: Moskau GmbH

Demolish or Preserve: Eastern Modernist Architecture

The argument about what to do with buildings left behind by East Germany has been dominated in recent years by two opposing stances.More ...
Tempelhofer Park; Copyright: Project „Liebe deine Stadt“, Copyright: Merlin Bauer

Late Love – The Debate On Post-war Modern Architecture

Architecture creates space for feelings. That is proved by the buildings of the post-war modern era, which touch virtually everyone who sees them.More ...
Tempelhof Park; Copyright: picture alliance/dpa/epa/Foto: Rainer Jensen

Minigolf and Monks instead of Machines and Motors – On the Future of Tempelhof and Tegel

In 2012, the new Berlin airport Berlin-Brandenburg will be opened in Schönefeld. The city is looking for new uses for the old airports Tempelhof and Tegel.More ...
In the Prinzessinengarten; Copyright: Prinzessinnengarten/Photo: Marco Clausen

Urban Agriculture – About the Happiness of Harvesting in the City

It’s all about longing for green, about healthy, competitively-priced food, and about using urban brownfield sites for precisely these purposes.More ...
Porsche-Museum, Stuttgart, “Targa Floria” themed island, part of the “Light” concept; Copyright: HG Merz/Photo: Brigida González

“The Exhibits Are The Stars” – Museum and Exhibition Designer HG Merz

“The best exhibition design is one that you don’t notice”, says HG Merz, and he should know.More ...
Graz Art Museum BIX; Copyright: 2003, Photographer: Harry Schiffer, by courtesy of realities:united

Illuminants – The Architects of realities:united Let Buildings Speak

Jan and Tim Edler turn information into facade art works, and thereby night into day.More ...
Climate Capsules, Haus Rucker, Environment Transformer; © MKG

The Future is a Bubble – the “Climate Capsules” Exhibition in Hamburg

Oases made of plastic, tent fashions, floating islands and cloud cities.More ...
“Kitchen monument”; Copyright: raumlabor berlin/Foto: Rainer Schlautmann

Opera On The Motorway – the Urban Strategies of the Berlin-based raumlabor Office

The interdisciplinary team from raumlabor berlin has been shaping a new concept in architecture for more than ten years.More ...
Cape Town Stadium at Green Point; Copyright: gmp Architekten/Photo: Bruce Sutherland

Built-in Mexican Wave – the Football Stadia in South Africa Designed by gmp

Three out of the ten stadia for the FIFA World Cup 2010 are complete new builds and were designed by German architects from the Hamburg office of gmp.More ...
Museum Island Berlin (Glimpse into the future, 3D model); Copyright: Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation /ART+COM

A Remarkable Success Story – the Museum Island in Berlin

The billion-euro renovation of Berlin’s museum island is making good progress. Three of the five historical buildings already stand radiant in their new found glory. But the master plan for the renovation requires a long-term perspective.More ...
KaiAK market square in Berlin-Köpenick, 
Copyright: Topotek 1, Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbh

Artistic Manifestations: The Renaissance of Garden and Landscape Architecture

The “green-finger brigade” has changed in terms of what it does, its attitude and its self-confidence.More ...
Henry van de Velde; photo: Louis Held © Klassik Stiftung Weimar

Henry van de Velde – Designer of Modernity

The architect and designer Henry van de Velde became in Weimar the pioneer of a new style. An interview with Thomas Föhl, Special Representative of the President of the Weimar Classics Foundation, on the “total artist”.More ...

Klaus Kinold – An Architect Photographs Architecture

Architectural photographers’ job is to perceive, understand and communicate architecture to a wider public by means of pictures. An interview with Klaus Kinold.More ...

“Live Colourfully, Think out of the Box, Experience a different Lifestyle” – the Apartment-House Syndicate

In the “Mietshäuser Syndikat” (Apartment-House Syndicate) group of companies there are currently 66 shared housing communities and initiatives across the whole of Germany networked with each other.More ...
Bauhaus Dessau “Bauhaus in action”, “Raum der Gegenwart” (Contemporary Room),
Copyright: Yvonne Tenschert, 2009, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

“Social Engagement, Cultural Innovation” – An Interview with the new Director of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Since March 2009, architect and publicist Philipp Oswalt has been Director of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.More ...
A room at Wartburg Primary School in Münster; © Max Lautenschläger

“Learning Environments”: Educational Architecture in Germany

To tackle the economic crisis, the German government is making 8.6 billion euros available to renovate and expand kindergartens, schools and universities.More ...
Architecture guided tour in Berlin,
Copyright: Thomas M. Krüger/Guiding-Architects

From the Federal Chancellery to Melnikov’s Avant-Garde in Moscow: the Network Guiding-Architects

Architects offer guided tours to the new and old landmarks of modern architectural history in Europe’s metropolises.More ...
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