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Curatorial Statement

The European Kunsthalle asked Konstantin Adamopoulos the “question of the day” on 5.11.2005:

How important or restrictive is the institution for the curatorial process?

I have just returned from Dresden, where I was able to organize a series of workshops and curate the exhibition “Leitsysteme zum Neuen?” (running until January 14, 2006).

As a curator, “the institution” became a very inviting and also initiating host for me a couple of years ago. At the end of the day, for me, my heart, my friends, the “debate”, my environment and the state of the world, as I understand it, are the opposite part who is commissioning the project, essentially.

Because I am free to decide on content and format, the concept of the hosting institution helps me in developing my program, as do the needs, interests and experiences of the people involved with it. Thus I create one specific situation after the other, in order to further develop my ideas.

Generally speaking, I support precarious projects. Participants of institutions can be essential, benevolent and useful in these and in this way we see the emergence of a “business” based on reciprocity. This is because through guests like me, “the institution”, with its longer-term concept, undergoes a further concretization and permanent checks, or even a new orientation.

Konstantin Adamopoulos (2005)

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Konstantin Adamopoulos
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Konstantin Adamopoulos