Kathrin Becker

Curatorial Statement

From the very outset the main focus of my curatorial work included intercultural issues, prompted by a number of exhibition projects related to the cultural exchange between the former Soviet Union and Germany in the 1990s. Frequently, questions of identity were at the fore, but also a critical examination of the new definition of cultural identity in both countries as a result of national or regional, but above all also particular constellations of cultural policy. Over the years this practice has been extended. Today I am preoccupied with a multitude of transnational issues that could be based as much on the observation of a cultural and social “climate” as on a critical reading of developments within media mass culture. As ever, the key focus is on the dominance of visual phenomena as well as on the political dimension of art.

Kathrin Becker, 2006

Kathrin Becker 2006, Copyright: Matthias Kreuz
Kathrin Becker
Director | Videoforum n.b.k. Berlin 

Contemporary art
Media art
Eastern European art

Kathrin Becker