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Dr Andreas Beitin, born in 1968 in Uetersen, was appointed director of the Ludwig Forum in Aachen in February 2016.

Andreas Beitin studied art history and applied cultural sciences as well as modern and contemporary history. He then spent several years working as project director for an international art consultancy, during which time he also completed his dissertation on the motif of the scream in 20th-century German painting and printmaking.

Andreas Beitin worked at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art in Karlsruhe in various research and curatorial capacities from 2004 to 2015 and became director of the museum in 2010. As a curator and co-curator at the ZKM, Beitin was responsible for the conception and organization of many internationally acclaimed exhibitions. He has published numerous scholarly articles and held lectures in Germany and abroad, and is also the editor of a number of publications. For many years Andreas Beitin has served on various expert juries and advisory boards, including the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the RWE Foundation and the Volkswagen Foundation. In 2013 Beitin was appointed chair of the Goethe-Institut’s Advisory Board for Visual Arts.

Exhibitions (selected):

• Civic Radar. Lynn Hershman Leeson – the Retrospective (co-
  curated by Peter Weibel), ZKM, 2014/15
• Gianfranco Baruchello. Certain Ideas (co-curated by Peter
  Weibel), ZKM, 2014/15
• global activism (co-curated by Peter Weibel and Andrea
  Buddensieg, among others), ZKM, 2013/14
• Matthew Day Jackson. Total Accomplishment, ZKM, 2013
• Werner Büttner. Gemeine Wahrheiten (co-curated by Peter
  Weibel), ZKM, 2013
• Franz Erhard Walther. Raum durch Handlung (co-curated
  by Peter Weibel), ZKM, 2012
• The Hirsch-Index. “The Art of Quotation”, ZKM, 2011/13
• Vision. Seeing (co-curated by Peter Weibel), Neues Museum
  Weimar, 2011
• Lee Bontecou. Insights, ZKM, 2011

Andreas Beitin

Andreas Beitin
Andreas Beitin
Director | Ludwig Forum | Aachen

Contemporary art
Media art
Light art
Applied cultural sciences
Art in public space
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Andreas Beitin