Eugen Blume

Curatorial Statement

My primary sphere of interest is contemporary art spanning the last forty years, whereby my particular focus is the so-called ABC arts, namely, Concept Art, Land Art and Arte Povera. In particular, German Concept Art that developed around Joseph Beuys and the work of Beuys himself are the subject of my own academic research. The issue of medial reflections on Beuys in film and photography play a major part in this research (the Joseph Beuys Media Archive). Another major focus is the work of Marcel Broodthaers. I am also interested in the so-called transgressors: interdisciplinary artists active in music, film, photography, language, architecture and visual arts, as exemplified by John Cage, Marcel Broodthaers, Andy Warhol, Buckminster Fuller, etc. In addition, I am extremely interested in drawing throughout the centuries. So-called sound sculptures also number amongst my interests, in particular the work of Rolf Julius and Bernhard Leitner. The history of institutions also preoccupies me, particularly the role of the museum. Exhibiting interests me in the context of the exhibition as a formulation of aesthetics in space.

Eugen Blume (2007)

Eugen Blume 2007, Copyright: Eugen Blume
Eugen Blume
Curator and art historian

Contemporary art
Conceptual art
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