Andreas Broeckmann

Curatorial Statement

My curatorial work is focussed equally on the artist, their artwork or project and the audience. As a curator, your job can sometimes involve convincing an artist of the validity of their work; at others, your primary task may be to present a topic or a range of projects in a striking way in order to arouse the curiosity and interest of the audience. It is always a matter of mediating between these various positions.

I am interested in art as a unique form of expression and knowledge, as the result of passionate creative endeavour and critical reflection upon reality, social phenomena and related issues. Ideally, art defines the areas of greatest friction between different social spheres and systems.

I also have a strong personal interest in the relationship between art and technology, above all in how art has reflected the cultural, political and aesthetic significance of different technologies in modern society – from the late 19th century to the present day. Although digital media have played an important role in this development, their distinctiveness is decreasing as they become incorporated into the arsenal of tools commonly employed in contemporary artistic practice.

Link to an essay of mine: About the festival (2004)

(Andreas Broeckmann, 2009)

Andreas broeckmann 2009, Copyright: Andreas Broeckmann
Andreas Broeckmann
Art historian and curator, Berlin and Lüneburg

Digital culture
Contemporary art
Interdisciplinary projects
Art in public space
Media art
Music/sound art