Bettina von Dziembowski

Curatorial Statement

The Kunstverein Springhornhof is located in a rural community with 6,000 inhabitants in Lüneburger Heide in Lower Saxony. Here, away from the cultural agglomeration areas, being able to provide a contemporary exhibition program that is not just regionally oriented is a particular challenge. A significant aspect of my work involves artistic perceptions of nature, landscape and rural space. Over time the Neuenkirchen “Projekt Kunst-Landschaft“ (project art-landscape) has grown to include 38 freely accessible outdoor works, of which the first were already created in the 1970s in the open landscape surrounding the village. To further develop this established ensemble, which can be seen as a result of three decades of artistic interventions in the landscape, and to accompany the structural change in rural space with current artistic approaches is one of the main focuses of my work. This occurs in the form of different exhibitions and temporary and permanent projects in interior and outdoor spaces. Some of the projects have a participatory character and actively involve the local population as well as interest groups. As a curator, I am involved not only as a form of adapter between institutional space and artistic production, but also as the person who attempts to create a dialogue between the diverse perspectives of the public, the artists and the local population in the village and its surroundings.

Bettina von Dziembowski (2006)

Bettina von Dziembowski 2006, Copyright: Bettina von Dziembowski, Fotograf: Martin Warnke
Bettina von Dziembowski
Director | Kunstverein Springhornhof Neuenkirchen

Contemporary art
Art in public space
Land art
Media art

Bettina von Dziembowski