Barbara Engelbach

Curatorial Statement

The questions relating to new media in art can only be answered within the context of contemporary art and its history. “Media art “ is not a new generic term. It was the intermediary artistic strategies of the 1960s that, in hindsight, initiated the decisive impulses that are still formative today. My main curatorial and scientific concern involves posing questions about their specific historical implementations, which reach back to the 1920s, and about their role models, in order to be able to classify and analyse current artistic approaches. Therein also lies the basis for the conviction that exhibition practice in the field of contemporary art is able not only to detect developments and is, in this sense, mediation work, but should also fulfil the requirement that it does so with a reflected scientific approach.

Barbara Engelbach (2007)

Barbara Engelbach 2004, Copyright: Museum Ludwig Köln, Fotograf: Sepp Spiegl
Barbara Engelbach
Curator | Museum Ludwig Cologne

Contemporary art
Media art
Art in public space
Art communication & education

Barbara Engelbach