Wulf Herzogenrath

Curatorial Statement

“I welcome what ever happens next” (John Cage)

A museum with a large traditional collection must at least dedicate one section to contemporary art in order to stay connected to the narrative of time – in the future too. And new media with its moving images, rhythmical structures and integration of forms of mass media are part of today’s visual world, in which the distinctive artistic performances should be documented.

Only when the profile of a mature collection is strengthened and communicated can scientific research be presented in a way that is popularly appealing, whereby the special nature of the collection also aids the exhibition projects, and the pride of the citizens, the city and the region should also be awakened on an emotionally level. In the case of the series from Liebermann to “Monet and Camille,” this is the key to its huge success with the public.

Wulf Herzogenrath (2007)

Wulf Herzogenrath 2006, Copyright: Kunsthalle Bremen - Der Kunstverein in Bremen
Wulf Herzogenrath
Freelance curator, Berlin

Media art
Art in & around 1900
Modern art

Wulf Herzogenrath