Susanne Jaschko

Curatorial Statement

In my curatorial work I attempt to critically explore social and cultural phenomena of the present. My thematically focused exhibitions take as their point of departure the spheres of cultural and social change which crucially affect our world and even our daily lives. For instance, the exhibition “urban interface” directed attention at changing notions of privacy and public life, of private and public space, lending these dimensions visual expression on various project levels. The title of the SCAPE Biennial for Art in Public Space in New Zealand in 2006 was “don’t misbehave!”, a reference to the growing disparity between official consensus culture and experimental artistic practice.

Even though electronic art has been the main emphasis of my curatorial work over the last years, as an independent curator I seek to bring together realms that are frequently considered mutually exclusive, such as design, architecture, fine art, sound art and electronic art, since I am interested in focusing attention on issues that reflect creative work, often regardless of genre.

As a curator I see myself in the role of a communicator, conveyor and mediator. The important factor for me in any exhibition project is to establish suitable communication with the audience. It is about finding new avenues relevant to the project rather than thinking in familiar and conventional patterns.

Susanne Jaschko (2006)

Susanne Jaschko 2006, Copyright: Susanne Jaschko
Susanne Jaschko
Independent curator | Berlin

Contemporary art
Media art
Electronic art
Digital culture
Sound art
Art in public space

Susanne Jaschko