Kasper König

Curatorial Statement

Originally the term “curator” evolved out of the field of museum activity concerned with collecting, ordering, preserving and teaching about museum collections, which is also implied by the word’s etymological root: curare = to care for. As it happens, I did not become a museum person until very late on and so was always referred to as an “Ausstellungsmacher”, an exhibition organizer. In my view a museum exhibition should always establish a link to the museum’s own collection, illuminating it, raising dialectical issues about it, putting it into focus or interpreting it.

A large-scale exhibition is a medium unto itself that absorbs impulses from art and amplifies them within the social arena. When I meet artists I have concrete ideas in mind, but of course I am nonetheless open to discussion. Sometimes a particular direction develops in this process which had not been anticipated. This tendency is certainly something one should try to support.

Kasper König (2007)

Kasper König 2006, Copyright: Museum Ludwig Köln, Foto: Rheinisches Bildarchiv Köln
Kasper König
Artistic director | Sculpture Projects Münster 2017

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