Doris Krystof

Curatorial Statement

Wanting to show people things – this simple, almost naïve wish acts as my key motive for conceiving and organizing art exhibitions. Exhibitions are a wonderfully complex means of communication because of the way for a certain length of time they place different objects / ideas / moods / looks etc. in a spatial context. Exhibitions should be intense and offer space for new constellations, collective experience and exchange between viewers. Beyond this, a central aspect of my curatorial practice is writing, since this offers an especially sustainable means of exploring the subject of an exhibition and represents a further form of conveying it.

Doris Krystof (2007)

Doris Krystof 2006, Copyright: K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Foto: Barbara J. Scheuermann
Doris Krystof
Curator | K21 Düsseldorf

Contemporary art
Modern art

Doris Krystof