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Marcus Lütkemeyer, born in 1971, has been working as an independent art historian, curator and art critic since 1998.

After studying art history, German and psychology in Münster, Marcus Lütkemeyer was a programme coordinator at Förderverein Aktuelle Kunst in Münster from 1998 to 2006. The association offers young artists the chance to develop and test new artistic approaches in a kind of workshop situation. Together with Gudrun Bott, Lütkemeyer has also been initiating and implementing German-Dutch collaborative projects since 2001 at Schloss Ringenberg, an exhibition and studio centre near Hamminkeln in North Rhine-Westphalia. The main focus of their work is on supporting young artists and curators, developing expanded models for the communication of contemporary art and testing their practical application. The three-year project <GAP> (2005–2008), for example, established the first platform for curators in Germany, on the basis of which model projects were developed for larger regional institutions on both sides of the border.

A dialogical approach has been taken in the more than 30 exhibition projects staged in parallel at Schloss Ringenberg since 2001. Starting from workshop-like preparatory meetings, they brought together disparate creative fields such as art and fashion (“CUT!”, 2002), different generations of artists (“stay tuned”, 2007) or German and Dutch artists whose works in very different ways provide a fair reflection of contemporary exhibition practice (“Dirty Denim”, 2005). In addition to publishing numerous texts in art journals and catalogues, and giving lectures on contemporary art and curatorial practice, Marcus Lütkemeyer has frequently been invited to curate exhibition projects – both indoor and outdoor – in North Rhine-Westphalia and the neighbouring Dutch regions. These have included “smax” (Enschede/Münster, 2001), “tropic” (Düsseldorf, 2004) and “heute hier, morgen dort ....” (Here today, there tomorrow …, Münster, 2004/05).

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Marcus Lütkemeyer
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