Gabriele Mackert

Curatorial Statement

I regard art as a place where contemporary aesthetic and social positions and world-designs are negotiated – whether theory-laden or emotional, multicoloured or monochrome: what matters is the singularity and consistency of the formal language. At the same time I am fascinated by works that explore and reflect upon artistic tradition. Viewed from this reflexive perspective, current trends do not always tell us the most about the present. For me, the relationship with the self and the other is a key issue. Artistic positions that address this also reflect our own ambivalence: as a process of shared dialogue and continuous transition between failing and gaining ground. Irritation is an essential part of this process. At best, art can help us to perform mental leaps and to enjoy observing ourselves while doing so. The exciting thing about the encounter with art is that aesthetic experience cannot be ‘explained’, that in fact such a disciplinary act almost inevitably puts it beyond our grasp. On the other hand, art only reveals itself through social dialogue – only in this way does it manifest its true potential.

(Gabriele Mackert, 2008)

Wolfgang Fuhrmannek, HLMD
Wolfgang Fuhrmannek, HLMDGabriele Mackert
Curator and author | Hessisches Landesmuseum | Darmstadt

Contemporary art
Art in public space
Landscape art
Exhibition theory