Agnes Matthias

Curatorial Statement

A key notion behind my curatorial work is the awareness that the museum environment only properly fulfils its function as a space for reflection about photographic images when photography is considered and presented as plural phenomena. Only the interaction between different modes of photographic practice can lend definition to the kinds of discourse which inform photography. Maintaining a balance between, on the one hand, dissociating a photograph from its original commercial use while, on the other, simultaneously bearing its context in mind – whether this concerns aesthetic and formal criteria, reflects on its media status, is of a social, cultural or propagandistic kind – is the particular challenge of my work.

(Agnes Matthias, 2006)

Agnes Matthias 2006, Copyright: Agnes Matthias
Agnes Matthias
Head of collection of prints, curator | Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie, Regensburg

Contemporary art

Agnes Matthias