Eva Meyer-Hermann

Curatorial Statement

Art is art.
Art is a final refuge for independent thinking.
Art is not necessarily comprehensible.
Art is not dependent upon its selling price.
Art is of inestimable value.

An exhibition has no fixed form.
An exhibition is determined by the artistic content.
An exhibition must be accessible.
An exhibition’s success cannot be measured in terms of visitor numbers.
An exhibition should aim to have the maximum number of visitors.

The curator is an exhibition organizer.
The curator has a duty towards both the artist and the audience.
The curator loves art.
The curator is as much a practical worker as a theorist.
The curator is the first visitor to her exhibition.

A publication is not an exhibition.
A publication supports, communicates and broadens horizons.
A publication is a research project.
A publication has a long life.
A publication is enjoyable and enlightening.

Everything else is everything else.
It might or might not be incorporated, depending on one’s perspective.
global. social. interdisciplinary. multicultural. contextual. hermetic.

(Eva Meyer-Hermann, 2010)

Eva Meyer-Hermann 2010, Copyright: Lasse Thun
Eva Meyer-Hermann
Independent curator and writer

Classical modernism
Contemporary art
Art communication & education

Eva Meyer-Hermann