Ruth Noack

Curatorial Statement

It’s quite simple. In the first instance I organize an exhibition because it is the only way to find out certain things – things inherent to art, but also the question of what makes the artworks into repositories of specific knowledge. What do the pictures want? What do the sculptures mean? What can the installation achieve? But also: What does our world look like, and how else might it look? Or: How does one give form to fundamental questions? And: What spheres of action does art open up?

That introduces a second theme: What does art do to us, for us and with us? This relates to the audience, to local knowledge, to education and mediation, to context and content as well as to the exhibition dispositif.

Besides the moments of joy and happiness generated by individual artworks, of central concern to my work is a growing interest in the relationship of non-western art to the Eurocentric canon, and finally the question: How do we wish to live together?

(Ruth Noack, 2009)

Ruth Noack 2009, Copyright: Marianne Menke
Ruth Noack
Curator and writer, Vienna

Contemporary art
Interdisciplinary projects
Culture and knowledge production
Art education and mediation

Ruth Noack