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Curatorial Statement

As the artistic director of the Werkleitz Gesellschaft in Halle (Saale), one of the main objectives of my work over a three-year period (2003–2006) was to create a platform for the realization, support and accompaniment of projects by local artists and cultural producers, and to raise public awareness of their work. In return, by organizing a large number of exhibitions, events and grant programmes we were able to bring new international contemporary art productions to the city. Collaboration with students from Burg Giebichenstein – University of Art and Design, as well as cooperative initiatives with the Martin Luther University in Halle and the art academies in Leipzig and Weimar, were key concerns of our institutional and curatorial practice.

Through my work as an independent curator, at the Liverpool Biennial in the United Kingdom and subsequently as the director and later co-curator of the Werkleitz Biennale, I was able to explore different approaches to artistic and cultural production and also to analyze curatorial and institutional models under a variety of cultural, social and economic conditions.

Working as a curator in the 1990s, I focused explicitly on media theory and media art. Key areas of analysis were the interaction between cinematographic film and media art, critical strategies and techniques of film deconstruction, the montage of found footage and the receptive use of filmic structure and iconography in video art and art films.

In addition to formal and aesthetic criteria, when I develop curatorial concepts I am particularly interested in current issues that are relevant to art-historical discourses and artistic practice, and are also generated from within them. Thematic concerns range from the examination of non-public and private relations to questions of ownership relations or of free access to art, knowledge and information, through to the artistic and curatorial analysis of the individual and social significance of belief or of the plurality of belief systems in the present day.

Angelika Richter (2006)

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Angelika Richter
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Angelika Richter