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Markus Richter, born in 1964 in Trier, is an independent curator and co-director of MODEM – Space for Contemporary Music and Arts in Berlin.

Richter studied art history, philosophy and comparative literature at the Freie Universität in Berlin. In 1989 he co-founded Kulturbüro Berlin. From 1991 to 1994 he worked for the President’s Office of the Berlin House of Representatives, where he was involved in projects related to the history of the Parliament Building and to Kunst am Bau (‘percentage for art’ initiatives). From 1995 onwards Richter was an art publisher, and in 1997 he opened Galerie Markus Richter, a gallery devoted to contemporary minimal and conceptual art. Besides running the gallery, which he continued until 2005, he also published texts on contemporary art topics and organized projects that bridged the divide between art and architecture.

In 2002 he founded European Art Projects together with Sabrina van der Ley and Anne Maier. In 2006 he and Sabrina van der Ley co-curated the international exhibition project “Ideal City – Invisible Cities”, which was shown in Zamość, Poland and in Potsdam, Germany. The exhibition was the first part of a long-term series entitled “Utopia Revisited”, aimed at presenting publications, symposia, workshops and exhibitions in a number of different European locations. The latest instalment in the series is the exhibition “Megastructure Reloaded” (Berlin, 2008), which will be followed by the projects “L’Architecture Mobile” (Berlin, 2009) and “Finis Terrae – The End of the World” (Sagres, Portugal, Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy and Reykjavik, Iceland, 2010).

In April 2007 Markus Richter and Ari Benjamin Meyers were appointed joint artistic directors of MODEM – Space for Contemporary Music and Arts in Berlin.

Markus Richter 2008, photo: Uwe Walter
Markus Richter
Curator | Oslo / Berlin

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Markus Richter