Jule Reuter

Curatorial Statement

My curatorial practice is geared towards examining contemporary artistic approaches in relation to cultural processes and social issues, within the specific framework of an art exhibition. Contemporary art operates in a limitless field of possible interpretations, and as a curator, one of my tasks is to recognize the relevance of artistic perspectives and works, and to create an audience for these.

My work to date has combined different forms of curatorial activity. There are a number of topics I focus on over longer periods of time and examine from various angles; these include artistic approaches to the social, political and artistic concepts associated with modernism, as well as to the relationship between utopia and the loss of utopia, viewed against the background of social transformations since 1989. I am also interested in exploring the diversity of current artistic practice and its associated aesthetic, formal and media-related issues.

For me, as for the artists themselves, every exhibition involves working directly with the space. This is where the idea behind the exhibition has to find its appropriate form. As an independent curator I am constantly dealing with different institutional contexts, working conditions and decision makers. This inevitably raises questions as to what is possible and what is feasible, and also motivates me to explore alternative formats, new forms of presentation and communication. This also extends to my own role as a curator, above all when the project involves collaboration with partners from countries that do not have an artistic infrastructure like those in the West.

Based on my experience as a curator for the NGBK and the Goethe-Institut, I particularly favour collective cooperation as a mode of curatorial practice for transnational projects. It facilitates a research perspective that directly addresses differences and disparities, and also examines these within a structural context.

(Jule Reuter, 2011)

Jule Reuter 2009, Copyright: Barbara Seyerlein
Jule Reuter
Curator/Head of Exhibitions | Dresden Academy of Fine Arts

Contemporary art
Art in public space
Eastern Europe
Central Asia

Jule Reuter