Eva Schmidt

Curatorial Statement

My curatorial work, as explicitly linked to public institutions (the GAK as a Kunstverein and the Museum of Contemporary Art Siegen), is predominantly concerned with the production of contemporary art, with retrospective bearings on the generation of artists in the 1960s, which fundamentally redefined the concept of artistic work. There is immense interest in non-institutional modes of operation in art (such as interactive, interdisciplinary, context- and site-specific art) and in various strategies with which these largely process-based forms of work are channelled back into the institutional context; equally interesting is how all this effects exhibition conception.

Besides the actual business of curating, the crucial issues that stimulate my work are how one can turn the cause of art into a general cause, what kinds of educational and promotional tasks are posed specifically by regional contexts, and how the museum can assume the role of spawning identity in a city – especially in terms to my current activity in Siegen at the Museum of Contemporary Art, which was set up only five years ago.

Eva Schmidt (2006)

Eva Schmidt 2006, Copyright: Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen
Eva Schmidt
Director | Museum of Contemporary Art Siegen

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