Curatorial Statement

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Sir Winston Churchill

The focus of my architectural research work and curatorial practice is on mediating between the producers or products of architecture and the general public. The realm of architecture – a parallel universe in the eyes of its own practitioners – may no longer be the mother of all arts, but it continues to make a significant contribution to the creation of new worlds. Through interaction with many other artistic genres – above all photography and simulation, but also sculpture and installation – architecture still maintains close links with visual art. The realization of architectural projects, however, is dominated by the objective world of industry, the speculative world of finance and the political world of representative bodies and committees. These and many other social and economic factors have a direct impact upon architecture, and consequently upon us as the users and inhabitants of architectural structures, with the result that debates on architecture will always remain highly topical.

(Peter Cachola Schmal, 2013)

Peter Cachola Schmal
Peter Cachola Schmal
Peter Cachola Schmal
Director | Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt am Main

Urban Development 

Peter Cachola Schmal