Inka Schube

Photo and media art derive their particular vigour from their constant exchange with everyday visual culture, the forms and content of its imagery and the manner of its dissemination. And they derive their particular vigour from the fact that they set this everyday visual culture in relation to the artistic and aesthetic reflectivity of other genres and thereby to the collective visual memory of our culture.

The exhibition space creates a kind of laboratory for exploring the never changing sets of questions: What are images? How do they ‘originate’? How do they ‘move’? How are they moved? In which way do they contribute to how we formulate the realms of our imagination?

Inka Schube (2007)

Inka Schube 2006, Copyright: Sprengel Museum Hannover
Inka Schube
Curator | Sprengel Museum Hannover

Contemporary art
Media art

Inka Schube