Ellen Seifermann

Curatorial Statement

When I’m conceiving exhibitions my interest is above all in issues that emanate from artistic practice and how they are linked to current social processes and artistic discourse. Perception and reception are also always determined by historical, ideological and contextual factors. For me, the questions raised by this have the same thematic relevance as the large complex surrounding cultural, individual and socio-political identity against the backdrop of global social and economic changes. These issues are addressed and explored especially in the above-mentioned thematic exhibitions.

As a consequence of my activity as director and curator of an urban institution it is essential to establish a clearly defined profile for the institution through its independent exhibition programme, and to supplement each of the exhibitions with a specific and diverse range of informational and educational services. The spectrum of these services can assume all conceivable forms, from conventional guided tours, lectures and workshops to a video lounge or a temporary music club. But in my view, the central focus should always be on the exhibition format and the direct encounter with, perception and experience of works of art and installations.

Ellen Seifermann (2006)

Ellen Seifermann 2006, Copyright: Ellen Seifermann
Ellen Seifermann
Director | Kunsthalle Nürnberg

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Ellen Seifermann