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Maik Schlüter, born in 1972 in Wolfenbüttel, is an independent curator and writer on contemporary art. Since 2016 he has been curator and director of Scope Hannover, together with Ricus Aschemann.

Schlüter studied photography and new media at the Academy of Visual Arts (HGB) in Leipzig and at the School of Art and Design in Zurich. In 2001 he completed a traineeship at the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT in Hamburg. In 2002, having been awarded a DAAD grant, he worked as an assistant curator at the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, where he was specifically involved with the Photo Biennale Rotterdam (FBR V).

As a curator at the kestnergesellschaft in Hanover from 2003 to 2005, Schlüter organized exhibitions by Hanne Darboven, Candida Höfer, Cindy Sherman and Fischli/Weiss, among others.

In 2007 Schlüter was appointed director of the Museum für Photographie in Braunschweig. In this capacity he oversaw the reorientation, financial planning and institutional positioning of the museum within the context of contemporary art until 2008, and was also responsible for preparing the 2009 programme.

As an independent curator, Maik Schlüter has organized exhibitions in Bregenz, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Leipzig and Potsdam, among others. As an art critic he contributes regularly to taz / die tageszeitung and ART-Magazin Online, and he has also edited numerous publications, most recently “Jerry Berndt: Insight” (co-edited by Felix Hoffmann), Steidl, 2008; “Tobias Zielony: Story/No Story” (co-edited by Florian Waldvogel), Hatje Cantz, 2010; and “Noir Complex”, Spector Books, Leipzig, 2010.

Exhibitions (selected)

  • „More to Come", Städtische Galerie Hannover, Kunstraum C28, Scope Galerie und Sprengel Museum (Symposium), Hannover 2016, (Katalog)
  • "Under Surveillance": u.a. mit Absalom & Bardsley, Diana Artus, Viktoria Binschtok, James Bridle, Edmund Clark, David Deutsch,Andreas Herzau, Karin Jobst, Bettina Lockemann, Jörg Möller, Trevor Paglen, Marco Poloni, Volker Renner, Katrin Ribbe, Alec Soth, 2015, (Katalog)
  • "Abstract/ Exhaust": Galerie B2, Leipzig, 2014
  • Jerry Berndt: “Old Mole”, Amerikazentrum, Hamburg, 2011/12 (catalogue)
  • “Urban Noise”, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, 2011
  • “Noir Complex”, Bregenzer Kunstverein Magazin 4 and Brandenburgischer Kunstverein Potsdam, 2010 (catalogue)
  • Tobias Zielony: “Story/No Story”, Museum für Photographie, Braunschweig, 2008 (catalogue)
  • Jerry Berndt: “Insight”, Museum für Photographie, Braunschweig, 2008 (catalogue)
  • Marco Poloni: “Displacement Island”, Museum für Photographie, Braunschweig, 2008
  • Lynne Cohen: “Clear Arrangements”, Museum für Photographie, Braunschweig, 2008
  • Joan Colom: “Raval”, Museum für Photographie, Braunschweig, 2007 (catalogue)
  • “Trial Of Power”, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, 2005 (catalogue)
  • “NOT NOW!”, Kunstraum B/2, Leipzig, 2003 (catalogue)
  • “Fotografie und kritische Praxis”, Steibshof, Leipzig, 2001

Maik Schlüter, Copyright: Caroline Hake, 2010
Maik Schlüter
Independent curator and writer, Braunschweig

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Maik Schlüter