Maik Schlüter

Curatorial Statement

For me, curatorial practice is about authorship. This means that in my work as an exhibition organizer I focus less on presenting an art-historical perspective or a representative analysis of contemporary art, and more on the subjective depths of artistic production that I consider to be a mirror of social reality. The aesthetic concentration, dislocation or intensification of social reality can reflect conflicting norms and manifestations without having to be explicitly political. The freedom this creates for both the form and content of an artistic work can lead to experiences and insights that push beyond conventional logic. The exhibitions I curate are intended to reinforce, clarify and define these basic premises of art.

(Maik Schlüter, 2012)

Maik Schlüter, Copyright: Caroline Hake, 2010
Maik Schlüter
Independent curator and writer, Braunschweig

Contemporary art
Culture and knowledge production

Maik Schlüter