Necmi Sönmez

Curatorial Statement


• The engaging presentation of contemporary art today requires the development of new models of exhibition-making in order to provide an expanded context for diverse sociopolitical or aesthetic experiments.

• The structures of exhibiting institutions and the current practice of museum and independent curators no longer correspond to the working methods of young artists, and in many cases stand in the way of an open dialogue with viewers. New concepts and forms of presentation, including exhibitions in unusual locations, must therefore be developed in order to provide different experiences for artists than that of the classical museum space.

• For some time now, fundamental changes have been taking place within art. The relationship of artists to exhibiting institutions and curators is no longer subject to preconceived notions; nor can the tasks to be performed by partners involved in the development of an exhibition be precisely defined. The work and role of a curator must reflect these changes. Curating today takes place within an experimental field where new approaches have to be found in order to reflect current artistic practice and the contemporary art discourse.

• The art market forces young artists and curators to maintain a continual presence in the media. This often runs counter to their need to concentrate on the essential aspects of their work, which can only be achieved with a certain degree of seclusion and privacy. I am interested in exploring artistic strategies and solutions that arise from such concentration, even from hermitic isolation.

• Thematic group shows have become particularly popular and common in recent years. While they often reveal interesting aspects, the issues they address often remain abstract, theoretical or simply ‘discourse-laden’. In many cases, the ideologically based notions of some curators actually impede understanding of new artistic conceptions. This is why I believe that the role of the curator has to be fundamentally re-evaluated.

Necmi Sönmez (2008)

Necmi Sönmez 2008, Copyright: Boris Golz
Necmi Sönmez
Independent curator | Düsseldorf

Contemporary art
Media art
Interdisciplinary projects
Art in public space
South-eastern Europe, Turkey

Necmi Sönmez