Florian Waldvogel

Curatorial Statement

I support a notion of culture that is committed above all to political production and the struggle for cultural liberties. This avenue of thinking is allied to the idea of making creative use of already existing structures so as to participate in the challenges of our political and social future and to develop strategies for resolving them. This cultural practice combines cultural and scientific production with social action by way of the characteristic methods of a critical reading of meaningful cultural practices. One aspect of this practice is to question how people’s everyday life can be given political meaning through cultural activities. This cultural strategy explores how people, who determine their own lives within given political and social structures, open up cultural possibilities and scope for individual action, and how these can be put to use. The point is not only to probe the cultural mechanisms and structures that favour, encourage or constrain such action, but also to address concrete political power relations, within which realities and modes of operation are constructed and exercised.

A constantly changing definition of art, its historical references and how these relate to fields of socio-political discourse require both a continuous reassessment of the traditional correspondence between artist – communicator – audience and constant inquiry into new realms of practice. Opposition to well-rehearsed social hegemonies calls for the critical investigation of those political, social and media-related conditions that substantially shape current notions of art and artistic practice.

Florian Waldvogel (2006)

Florian Waldvogel 2006, Copyright: Florian Waldvogel
Florian Waldvogel
Director | Kunstverein Hamburg

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