Martina Weinhart

Curatorial Statement

Exhibitions provide a framework for art. They enable us to view and think about art – and ideally about more than just art. I have always been very interested in exploring issues that go beyond the purely aesthetic and formal concerns of art in its narrower context, and I have organized many thematic exhibitions to this end. In this sense, the exhibition “At Your Own Risk” examined risk awareness in modern society, “3’” focussed on economies of attention, “Nothing” offered a counter proposal to the visual overload of our age, and “The Making of Art” reflected upon the conditions of producing and exhibiting contemporary art. For me, a successful thematic exhibition not only has an impact within the boundaries of art, but also opens up a broader epistemological, philosophical or social context. I would like to present art as a snapshot of a constantly changing situation but also as a survey of the present day. Despite the importance of theoretical considerations, however, the central concern is to enable a particular aesthetic experience on the part of the viewer, one that involves a stimulating and occasionally confounding encounter with the art on show.

Martina Weinhart (2008)

Martina Weinhart 2008
Martina Weinhart
Curator | Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt/Main

Contemporary art
Conceptual art
Cultural theory

Martina Weinhart