Harriet Zilch

For my work as a curator of contemporary art, the Latin word “curare” – “to take care” – is of great significance. One of the prime purposes of contemporary art is to negotiate fundamental societal issues and tendencies in art production. I see it as my chief function to take care that every artist can present his/her individual cosmos in the exhibition context, and that the visual and aesthetic power of his/her artworks is brought out to full effect.

For me an especially important role is played in this context by artists who persevere in the face of a world that allows itself to be infected ever more quickly by ever-new trends, and who view that world with a certain scepticism. I direct my interest towards artistic concepts which aim to make a statement – both visually and with regard to content – that will still be meaningful tomorrow, concepts which adopt a new perspective on and approach to a certain issue, concepts which are convincing both in their discursive quality and with their aesthetic precision.

Ideally, the viewer is addressed as an active vis-à-vis. An artwork should surprise the exhibition visitor and provoke confrontation and reflection in him, because without that role it would be “another boring Minimal piece of shit sitting on the floor, and that is not what my work is all about”, to quote the words of Félix González-Torres. Because for the most part, the artistic concepts that challenge us, polarize us, and raise doubts in us are the ones that remain firmly rooted in our memories.

Harriet Zilch 2018
Harriet Zilch
Harriet Zilch
Curator | Kunsthalle Nürnberg

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Harriet Zilch