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Berlin's Reading Stages

Berlin's Reading Stages

In an age of fast information and urban activity, public readings are enjoying ever-greater popularity in Berlin. (2006)More ...
Achim Freyer

A Portrait of Achim Freyer

The film examines the working methods of the theatre director, set and costume designer Achim Freyer. Freyer’s point of departure is painting; it is the origin of all his explorations. Working within such a diverse field of different artistic forms, Achim Freyer is a singular figure on the international art scene. (2005)More ...

German Language Comic Book Art

It’s tough going for German comic books. 90% of all comics sold in Germany are imports. In this film, comic book publishers, artists and experts give an insight into the German language comic scene and make prognoses for future developments. (2004)More ...
Cornelia Funke

A Portrait of Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke is currently the most successful German author of books for young people. She was born in 1958 and has sold a million copies of her books for young people and children. This portrait shows the Hamburg authoress on a promotional tour for her book "Tintenherz". (2004)More ... German literature online

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