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Cultural Mediators outside of German speaking areas may borrow films with the help of our online film catalogue at their nearest Goethe-Institut film archive. The total supply comprises well over 700 feature and documentary films.
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    Regional Film Archives of the Goethe-Institut

      Filmcatalogue and Film-Archives and the Non-Commercial Film Distribution of the Goethe-Institut

        Filmarchiv Bangkok

        The central film archive in Weiterstadt and the Film archives world-wide

        During the past 45 years the Goethe-Institut has built up a central film archive in Weiterstadt, near Frankfurt, to support its non-commercial film activities abroad, along with 37 decentralised film archives located at selected Goethe-Instituts.More ...

        The ABCs of film screening

        Information about film formats, projection equipment, film packaging and labelling,devices and the proper care of films. By Herbert SonntagMore ...

        Shipment of 16mm- und 35mm-copies

        Information about the proper packaging of 16mm- and 35mm-copies for shipment.More ...