Autobiographical Comics

Biography of Andreas Michalke

  • born in Hamburg in 1966
  • has been publishing comics and illustrations since the end of the 1980s
  • in 1991, the comic magazine Artige Zeiten (written with Minou Zaribaf) was first published
  • 1999, weekly comic strip in colour for Berliner Zeitung, with Julia Tägert
  • From 1999 to mid-2001 Michalke, together with Julia Tägert, published the ‘Sophie’s World’ comic strip in the Berliner Zeitung.  Since then he has designed new colour episodes of his series ‘Bigbeatland’ for the weekly newspaper Jungle World and he illustrates the Punk Rock fanzine Ox.

Awards and prizes:

  • 1993, Fanzine prize at the Comic Salon in Hamburg (Artige Zeiten)
  • 1999, ICOM prize (Smalltown Boy)