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      Biography of CX Huth (Christian Huth)

      • born in Anklam in 1964, grew up in Neubrandenburg
      • trained as an artist
      • in Berlin since 1983
      • 1983–89, studied with Wolfgang Leber and Lothar Böhme
      • 1985, special class at Kunsthochschule Weißensee
      • 1989–2000, worked as meter-reader for GASAG
      • 1989, co-founder and publisher of the art comic-magazine Renate
      • 2000–2002, trained as graphic designer
      • since 2000, has worked on SHIFT art magazine
      • publication in various comics, newspapers and magazines, including Berliner Zeitung, Das Magazin, Strapazin, Renate, Moga Mobo, Jimmy Draht
      • individual and group exhibitions, including Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Lucerne, Weimar, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Hamburg, Kassel and Munich
      • now lives and works as a freelance artist in Berlin

      Awards and prizes:

      • 2003, Winner of the Canon Digital Creator Contest