Biography of Titus Ackermann

Titus Ackermann. Copyright: Titus AckermannTitus Ackermann
  • 1994–99 Course of study in illustration and graphic design at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart
  • 1994 Founding of the comic and draughtsmen’s group Moga Mobo and the magazine of the same name.
  • 1998 One-year study abroad at the Macintosh School of Art, Glasgow.
  • 1999 Move to Berlin.
  • since 2000 free-lance illustrator, numerous individual and group exhibitions.
  • 2002 Contact and cooperation with the Japanese artists’ group “NouNouHau“, visit and workshop in Tokyo.
  • 2005 Exhibition in Japan together with Moga Mobo in the context of the “German Year” and at the invitation of the Goethe-Institut.
  • 2006 Exhibition “Toklin“, a mutation of the cities of Berlin and Tokyo, presented at the MORI Museum in Tokyo and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin, with a tour through Germany following.

Awards and prizes:

  • 1997 2. Prize A T-Shirt for Safety Dainese S.P.A., Modena, Italien
  • 1997 EMMA European Multi Media Award for “Best Learning Software“, Klett Verlag, Stuttgart.
  • 1998 Hengstenberg Art Collection, glass illustrations.
  • 1999 100 beste Plakate (i.e. 100 best posters), VGD Berlin.
  • 2000 Bologna, Italy, international children’s book festival for “Olis erster Flug“ (i.e. Oli’s first flight).
  • 2002 Max & Moritz Prize of the City of Erlangen for the Moga Mobo book “Die 100 Meisterwerke der Weltliteratur“ (i.e. the 100 masterpieces of world literature), best German comic for 2002.
  • 2004 Premiere exhibition and film screening of “Olga’s Sommer” (i.e. Olga’s summer) at the City of Saarbrücken’s Max Ophüls Prize competition (comics by Titus Ackermann).
  • 2007-10 Workshops abroad for the Goethe-Institut and Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF), i.a. in Japan, Cuba, South Korea, Lebanon and Algeria.
  • 2006-08 The animated film Olis Chance, based on Titus Ackermann's children’s book character Oli, is awarded numerous national and international distinctions.

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