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Illustration – Combating neo-Nazis through comics

Nils Oskamp and David Schraven engage with the subject of right-wing extremism in their graphic novels. The illustrators offer a profound insight into this world of violence and hatred.More ...
An illustration from the book La asombrosa y verdadera historia de un ratón llamado Pérez, Siruela, Madrid, 2010. Text by Ana Cristina Herreros.

Traces of migration: Five Spanish illustrators in Berlin

They came to Berlin and stayed. In the German capital they found everything an aspiring artist dreams of.More ...
Illustration from the book “Donata, Tochter Venedigs” (“Daughter of Venice”) by Donna Jo Napoli © Henriette Sauvant

Illustration in Germany – a distinctive art

The art of illustration is experiencing a renaissance. For the artist, it is important to develop an individual style.More ...
In the past comics were considered as substandard and even dangerous. Photo: Stephen Giordano © iStockphoto

Learning German through comics

When Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck rose to stardom in the 1950s, they were boycotted by teachers in Germany for their unpolished and base vernacular. Today comics are being used in foreign-language classes.More ...
Mangas at the Medien@age in Dresden | photo: © Verena Hütter

Imports beat exports: the comic market in Germany

Foreign works predominate in the German comic and manga scene. But native authors and artists are increasing in significance.More ...
Barbara Yelin © Martin Friedrich

“There‘s a story to be found on every corner”

Munich-based artist Barbara Yelin about her latest graphic novel Irmina, style and colouration of this story and her Delhi sketchbook.More ...

“Translations Have to Be Better than the Originals!” – Comic Translators and Translations

An art form that blends text and image into a unity presents translators with special challenges. A certain pride is therefore surely justified.More ...
Filip Kolek © Isabelle DanielFilip Kolek © Isabelle Daniel

Pionierarbeit eines Comic-Lektors

Was auf dem deutschen Comicmarkt landet, entscheidet eine Handvoll Leute. Filip Kolek ist einer von ihnen. Mehr ...
    Comics | © macrovector -

    E-Comics: Off to the Third Dimension!

    E-comics are a challenge because the text and pictures have to be put online interactively. Most publishers in Germany, however, are sceptical about this digital development.More ...
    Merkels Rettungsschrim. Klaus Stuttmannt

    Political Cartoons in Germany – Faster, More Diverse and Inspired by Comics

    In Germany the political cartoon genre is in transition – and some veteran artists are concerned about the industry’s future.More ...
    © Johannes Kretschmar: Beetlebum

    Online Comics and Comic Blogs

    Sometimes it’s a matter of life and death, sometimes just dependency on addictive substances like Facebook or Nutella. Some authors deal with childhood traumas, others their daily struggles as free-lance artists. Several dozen German-language comic artists let the public regularly take part in their lives or thoughts through internet diaries, known as comic blogs – and their number is growing.More ...
    The 16th International Comic Salon in Erlangen; ©Internationaler Comic-Salon Erlangen_Erich Malter

    Looking Back Ahead – the 16th International Comic Salon Erlangen

    Interest in graphic literature in Germany remains high: In 2014 over 25,000 visitors flocked to the International Comic Salon.More ...
    © Edition Moderne & Marjane Satrapi

    What are Graphic Novels? – An Overview of German and International Comic Productions

    The term graphic novel has recently evolved into an established concept in German feuilletons. Prominent book publishers, among them Suhrkamp, have been announcing their plans to expand into this literary field, but it has remained somewhat unclear just how to use the term.More ...
    Remembering in pictures and words: comics about the fall of the Wall; © Carlsen-Verlag

    Comics about the fall of the Wall – German history in pictures

    Numerous comics remind us of the dictatorial regime that ruled the GDR and the peaceful end of the East German state.More ...
    Graphic novel “Irmina” by Barbara Yelin; © Repordukt

    Comics about the Second World War – The normality of terror

    Two recent publications make a contribution to extending commemorative culture to the medium comics.More ...
    Anke Feuchtenberger; © Julia Steinigeweg

    “You can learn how to draw comics” – Interview with Anke Feuchtenberger

    Anke Feuchtenberger is a professor of drawing and media illustration. talked to her about comic-strip art at German universities.More ...
    Peer Meter; © Sabine von Bassewitz

    Peer Meter – The amount of suspense must be just right

    Peer Meter is something of an exception in the realm of the German-language comic, but that doesn’t worry him. In his capacity as a scenarist he develops and writes stories for graphic novels.More ...
    (c) Enrique Flores

    Perspectives from the field: the global protest culture in reportage drawings

    There are more and more drawn images cropping up in the online media, on blogs or on artists' websites that depict the global protests of the past two years through artistic means.More ...

    Comic videos

    German comic artist Mawil at work | Photo: Goethe-Institut Lettland
    10 Latvian and German comic artists allow us a look over their shoulder while they are drawing.

    Comics in the Baltic States

    © Thomas Wellmann
    In the Baltic states and in Germany the comic scene is presenting a great variety of styles. Who are the most exciting artists, what the best publications?

    The First World War in Comics

    Tardi/Verney „Elender Krieg“ 1914-1919 | © Edition Moderne 2014
    Comic artists approach the history of the First World War in their works. A dossier on history in pictures

    omics in Kenya and Germany

    The world of colourful pictures – the dossier “Comics” presents artists from Kenya and Germany and their work.


    Comic-Autoren aus Europa und der arabischen Welt im Dialog

    Graphic Novels at School invites you to learn German with comic-strip artists Mawil and Birgit Weyhe.

    Dossier: Comic Countries Germany and Belgium

    Goethe-Institut Belgien
    The German and Belgian comic scene

    Dossier: Comics in Germany – Comics in the Czech Republic

    In the wake of the 1989 political turning point the comic scenes in both Germany and the Czech Republic are tanking up with new self-confidence.

    Weblog: CityTales

    Comic artists from South-East Asia and Germany tell their “CityTales” – a new story every month.