Graphic Novel

Biography Ulli Lust

  • Born in 1967 in Vienna, Austria
  • Training as design and fashion drawing at the HTBLVA für Textilindustrie in Vienna 
  • Work as a children’s book illustrator
  • 1995 Ulli Lust moves to Berlin 
  • 1999-2004 course of study in graphic design at the Berlin-Weißensee Art Academy 
  • 2005 founding of online publisher electrocomics 
  • Lives and creates comics in Berlin, and has an adult son

Awards and prizes:

  • 2014 Max and Moritz Prize in the category “Best German-speaking comic artist”
  • 2011 Prix Artemisia und Prix Révélation of the Angoulême Comic Festival for Trop n'est pas assez (Heute ist der letzte Tag deines Lebens)
  • 2010 ICOM award for Best Independent Comic and Max & Moritz Audience Award of the Erlangen Comic Salon for Heute ist der letzte Tag deines Lebens
  • 2009 Freistil-online (an online illustration portal) The Best Of 2009/Comic national for Heute ist der letzte Tag deines Lebens
  •  2006 ICOM jury’s Special Award for electrocomics
  • 2003 Warburger-Beitrag, Peace Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 1995 Unicef Award/Children’s book illustrations