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Remembering in pictures and words: comics about the fall of the Wall; © Carlsen-Verlag

Comics about the fall of the Wall – German history in pictures

Numerous comics remind us of the dictatorial regime that ruled the GDR and the peaceful end of the East German state. More…
    Henning Wagenbreth: „Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra“, concert poster, 2009, dkw. Art Museum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus

    Aktuell: “Helicopters under the fingernails”

    Posters, illustrations and comics by Henning Wagenbreth are to be seen at Art Museum Dieselkraftwerk in Cottbus. Mehr …

      Newcomer: Marijpol

      In 2012 Marijpol was awarded the ICOM Prize in the category Best scenario for her first graphic novel Trommelfels. 2013 the publication of her second book Eremit was recognised with an exhibition at the Swiss comic festival Fumetto. More …


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