Biography Joscha Sauer

Jochen Saue
    • born 1978 in Frankfurt/ Main
    • after school and community service first job with an internet firm – he left after two months
    • From 1999 until 2004 member of the graphic artists’ group Die Stricher, created works for the satire magazine ZYN!
    • 2000, set up the internet site with the idea of putting a new cartoon on the site every day as a form of occupational therapy
    • since 2003, under contract with Carlsen-Comics
    • lives in Berlin and does some work on the side as a freelance director and graphic artist
    • Lives and works in Frankfurt am Main 
    Awards and Prizes:
    • 2004, the double prize-winner of the Sondermannpreis der Frankfurter Buchmesse as best newcomer of the year and best German publication.
    • 2009 Sondermann Award of the Frankfurt Book Fair for Nichtlustig 4 - Best Cartoon