Frankfurt am Main

Bild Wirtschaft

Frankfurt am Main - Copyright Horst Weber

Matthias Altenburg
"Frankfurt is an ideal location both for writing a crime novel, and as a setting for a crime novel. Firstly, Frankfurt is big enough, it’s situated centrally, it has an airport and train station – anything could happen here: organised crime, the most terrible criminal deeds. And at the same time Frankfurt has so many frayed edges, so much countryside surrounds it, and it’s small enough for it to be possible to research everything. For a crime novelist it’s the most gratifying place you can think of."
(Matthias Altenburg on hr-online)

Jakob Arjouni
"For me Frankfurt is increasingly becoming a place of the imagination and yearning. I even know how the stones smell there." 
(Jakob Arjouni in an interview with BuchJournal)

Martin Mosebach
"It is part of my peculiar relationship to my birthplace, Frankfurt, that I experience it as one of the most disfigured and ugly of Germany’s cities, and yet my imagination and my mental image of the city would have it as one of the most beautiful cities I know."
(from: Martin Mosebach : Mein Frankfurt

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