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Spring 2017

    Preface of the current issue
    Jakub Ehrenberger © Jakub Ehrenberger

    Books that make it across borders

    By Jakub Ehrenberger
    There were times when books had to be smuggled across borders because they could not be published within the country. Fortunately, those days are long gone, much as certain politicians might wish to bring back fences and walls. More than a quarter of a century after the political transformations, the book markets of the Central Eastern European and Baltic states are free. Free in the traditional meaning of the word, at least, since censorship of a kind persists, namely censorship of the market, of turnover, of commercial success. Will this novel interest our readers? Does that story have a chance in the book market here? Decisions are taken at publishers’ meetings as to which books are to be translated, and thus automatically, which are not. A decision not to publish a book also says quite a lot about the political, social and cultural situation in the countries concerned.More ...