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Spring 2016

    Preface of the current issue
    György Dragomán © György Dragomán

    Borders and Storiesen

    By György Dragomán
    I’m sitting on a train penning these lines. We’ll soon be crossing the Hungarian-Austrian border. I’m taking my book to Salzburg, where I’ll be reading from the German edition of The Bone Fire. One might even say that my book is taking me across the border again, as it has done so often in recent years, to present itself to readers together with me.
    The novel is set in Transylvania. It takes an internal perspective, giving a very personal and graphic account of the first turbulent years after the fall of the Communist dictatorship. ...

    Released in translations
    Katya Petrovszkaja : Talán Eszter © Magvető kiadó

    Katja Petrowskaja
    Vielleicht Esther

    By Cecília Stenszky/Hungary

    She is spontaneously and unaffectedly sincere, and that is precisely what makes Katja Petrowskaja’s book Perhaps Esther thoroughly authentic. More...
    Katja Petrowskaja Asi Esther © Premedia

    Katja Petrowskaja
    Vielleicht Esther

    By Ľubomír Jaškobr/Slovakia

    She originally wanted to write something about peace, but kept ending up with the subject of war. More...