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Our selection of recent German-language fiction and non-fiction – drawn from leading German-language media – reflects current trends and recommendations coming directly from the respective book fairs.
Autumn 2014

    Preface of the current issue
    Jochen Schmidt © Tim Jockel

    What did I have to learn after the political transformation of 1989?

    By Jochen Schmidt

    – That you could also order a steak “medium”.
    – My new five-figure postcode.
    – The colour spectrum of rubbish bins.
    – To eat a doner kebab with one hand while riding a bicycle.More ...

    Released in translations
    © Magvető, 2014

    Terézia Mora
    The Monster

    Emese László/Hungary

    The first thing you notice is the form. The pages are divided into two parts, with a narrow, horizontal line in the middle dividing the top from the bottom. More...
    © Warszawa: Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal, 2013

    Wolfgang Herrndorf

    By Anna Budyńska/Poland

    Two teenagers, two harmless rowdies on holiday, driving an old Lada down the motorway. What are they looking for? Where do they want to go? More...