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Autumn 2015

    Preface of the current issue
    Richard Kämmerlings © Martin U. K. Lengemann

    Spectres of the past, prolepsis of the future:
    German-language literature 2015

    By Richard Kämmerlings
    In August 2015, an old hit by the band Die Ärzte topped the charts. First released in 1993, Schrei nach Liebe, an anti-Nazi punk song produced in response to xenophobic rioting and attacks in the early nineties, made a completely unexpected comeback. Place names such as Hoyerswerda, Mölln, Solingen and Rostock-Lichtenhagen remain a symbol of a dark chapter in post-war history to this day; shamefully, new names have recently been added to the list. ...

    Released in translations
    © Apgāds Zvaigzne ABC

    Herta Müller

    By Dace Rukšāne/Latvia

    This book is like a poem, every sentence is a work of art. But do not let that put you off – there is nothing difficult there, not a trace of condescension, affectation or stylised posing. More...
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    Olga Grjasnowa
    Der Russe ist einer, der Birken liebt

    By Ľubomír Jaško/Slovakia

    Olga Grjasnowa has succeeded in asserting herself on the German book market with her debut novel Der Russe ist einer, der Birken liebt, in spite of strong competition. More...