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Autumn 2016

    Preface of the current issue
    Berthold Franke © Berthold Franke

    “Books Creating Buzz”

    By Berthold Franke
    As well having undeniably strenuous sides, being a member of a literature jury also has its pleasant aspects. It means being in a kind of state of emergency, during which extensive reading may be made into a full-time occupation for a while. As a juror of the German Book Prize, however, you then experience an interesting shift in point of view. The world and reality are suddenly perceived as it were from the perspective of current German-language prose, a very exciting project. For what this enables one to see is a second-hand reality, a reality mediated by literature, enabling one to gain metaphorical distance from the tangible while giving very special access to reality through artistic-narrative concentration. People who like books know that one is always both closer and further away; literature creates, to use an expression of Adorno, the phenomenon of “distant proximity”.More ...