Der Russe ist einer, der Birken liebt

© Mag/EtöĽubomír Jaško
What is the relationship between the nation and the ability to love?
In: SME daily newspaper, 20 November 2014

© PremediaOlga Grjasnowa has succeeded in asserting herself on the German book market with her debut novel Der Russe ist einer, der Birken liebt (All Russians Love Birch Trees), in spite of strong competition. The book was a hit in spring 2012. Grjasnowa came very close to writing a politically correct and committed rebellious novel in opposition to the cult of multiculturalism. Not to mention her criticism or loyalty towards current Israeli policy. But stylistically, she put on the brakes at the right moment, and that was the right narrative decision. The way she tells Mascha’s story is full of emotions. The heroine lives only in the present. Nobody would wish the world to be as it is, but it is there, and there is another reality in which these young peoples’ fates could be played out. In this strong book, the world’s coordinates remain uncompromisingly concrete. And in spite of these difficult coordinates, one can love and coexist.

Olga Grjasnowa
Rus je ten, ktorý miluje brezy. (Original title: Der Russe ist einer, der Birken liebt)
Translation: Paulína Šedíková Čuhová
Bratislava: Premedia, 2014,
ISBN 9788081591426