Czech Republic

Georgs Sorgen um die Vergangenheit

Jakub Ehrenberger
Jan Faktor: Georg’s Worries about the Past
In: Iliteratura, 1 November 2015

Jan Faktor: Jiříkovy starosti o minulost © PLUSWhat is it about Faktor that is so impressive? His lightness, for one thing, and the incredible portion of all-round perceptiveness and wit with which the ageing narrator Jiřík looks around and observes the years spent in Prague and its immediate environment before August 1968 and during the years after the invasion. But above all, his unfettering of narrative and language. It would be an insult to resort to the usual superlatives in any attempt to describe it. Socialist Prague is seething and smells of life. The author’s stylistic expression is full of imaginative metaphors from a huge variety of areas (from anatomy and technical subjects to geodesy, to exaggerate somewhat) and combines in masterly fashion apparently incompatible layers of language. Thus, in some passages, the intellectual Jiřík, a man in his mid-fifties who has been through the school of life, is to be heard, while elsewhere Jiřík, the lover who is rude but never vulgar for the sake of it, speaks up.

Jan Faktor
Jiříkovy starosti o minulost. (Origin.: Georgs Sorgen um die Vergangenheit)
Translation: Radovan Charvát
Praha: PLUS, 2015
ISBN: 978-80-259-0091-8