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Konzert ohne Dichter

Jana Dušek Pražáková
Klaus Modick: Koncert bez básníka (Konzert ohne Dichter).
In: Iliteratura, 26 June 2016

Klaus Modick: Koncert bez básníka  © PLUSThe novel Konzert ohne Dichter (Concert without a Poet) is set during a period of three days. Painter, architect and interior designer Heinrich Vogeler is preparing for the largest exhibition of his works to date to be held in Oldenburg. From Vogeler's perspective, we not only learn how the artists' colony in Worpswede, but also how his delicate friendship with Rainer Maria Rilke developed.

During the harmonious coexistence in Worpswede, Vogeler and Rilke become antagonists between whom no understanding is possible. While Vogeler has no lack of commissions and patronage, Rilke works obsessively, disregarding any financial considerations and pursuing only “higher objectives”. Practical questions relating to everyday life are of no relevance to them.

Konzert ohne Dichter provides intelligent, generally accessible reading. The novel exudes a lightness, wit and distance that is sometimes lacking In German literature (...)

Modick's text leaves open the question of how much space art deserves in our lives. The fruitful rivalry of the two representatives of different approaches to art and their battle for truth grips readers on page one and keeps them captivated.

Klaus Modick
Koncert bez básníka (Origin: Konzert ohne Dichter)
Translation: Tomáš Dimter
Brno: HOST, 2016
ISBN: 978-80-7491-553-6