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The online magazine presents selected new releases from the German-language book market, in German, English and in a changing focal language. In addition, it offers translation subsidies: Only translations of works presented on in the respective focal language are subsidised. The special focus for 2015-2017 is the Arabic world.

“Translating Books – Building Bridges”   deutschenglish

The Translators-in-Residence Program of the Goethe-Institut for professional translators from abroad.

Traduki   deutschenglishromânamagyarБългарскиhrvatski

Traduki is a European network of cooperation between Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Kosovo, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Montenegro, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, Serbia, and Slovenia. It promotes translations of fictional works, non-fiction works and literature for children and young people in and translated from one of the participant languages. Particular consideration is given to translators whose influence as cultural mediators has given the project its name.

Pro Helvetia   deutschenglishfrançaisitaliano

The Swiss Cultural Foundation promotes fictional works by Swiss authors as well as books dealing with a Swiss cultural theme.

The Federal Chancellery of Austria   deutsch

The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria provides translation grants for fictional works by Austrian authors.

Geisteswissenschaften International   deutsch

The programme seeks to contribute to the global dissemination of German research in the humanities and at the same time maintain and promote German as an academic language and a language of primary publication of works in the humanities. In addition, the programme promotes the translation of works in the humanities and social sciences into English and in justified individual cases into other languages as well. Only German publishers are eligible to apply for grants.

Europäisches Übersetzer-Kollegium
North Rhine Westphalia in Straelen
(registered association)

Translators who have already completed at least two extensive translations and have a contract with a publishing house for an ongoing translation project can apply for a residence scholarship in Straelen. Translators find optimal conditions for their work here: exchange with colleagues, a comprehensive library and an atmosphere of concentration.

The Literary Colloquium Berlin LCB   deutschenglish

The LCB is one of the longest-standing institutions of literature promotion in Germany. The LCB offers regular workshops and summer academies where translators can obtain advanced training.