Fria hagen

Gut Siggen Seminar Centre

Seminarzentrum Gut Siggen; Foto: Fria Hagen

Siggen is one of the oldest estates in eastern Holstein: its history goes back to the Middle Ages. The manor house (1784), which underwent a number of structural alterations over time, and the farm buildings were rebuilt in 1934 after a fire. Since 1970 the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. has been increasingly using the seminar centre for its activities, including summer school programmes, concerts, alumni reunions and conferences. A new ultramodern seminar building was completed in 2007, rounding out the architecturally engaging complex.

Übersetzerwohnung Gut Siggen; Foto: Kirsten Haarmann Gut Siggen is a quiet, secluded spot about 20 km east of Oldenburg in Holstein, 70 km north of Lübeck and 70 km east of Kiel. There are nice bathing spots nearby along the Baltic Sea strand, which is only a 15-minute walk away.

Our translator-in-residence is lodged in a 45-sq-m apartment right on the estate. The flat has two bedrooms with a single bed in each, and an office with a desk, as well as a shower-bath and kitchen. The office is equipped with an Internet connexion as well as a laptop with printer and a basic collection of dictionaries. However, translators should bring any special reference books they need. Translators can also share in the use of the seminar building office and the equipment there, which includes a printer and photocopier. When events are being held simultaneously in the seminar building, the translator should coordinate the use of the office there with the current heads of the seminar. The library in the manor house can also be used to read and work in. Musical instruments, bicycles and sports equipment are available and can be used as needed.

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