Wilfried Minks

© Staatstheater Hannover
parents left what was then Czechoslovakia and went to Wurzen in Saxony (Germany). Work as theatre painter, then student at the School for the Applied Arts at Leipzig and at the Berlin College of the Fine Arts. In the 1960’s, collaboration with the general director Kurt Hübner and engagements at the Stadttheater Ulm and the Theater der Stadt Bremen. Collaborations with Dieter Dorn and Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Michael Grüber and Peter Palitzsch, Claus Peymann, Peter Stein and Peter Zadek. Has worked at nearly all the big theatres in the German-speaking world. At the beginning of the 1970’s, Minks began himself to work as a theatre director. Professor of Stage Design at the Hamburg College of the Fine Arts.

(Translation Jonathan Uhlaner)