Bert Neumann

Bert Neumann was born in Magdeburg and grew up in East Berlin. He has worked together with, among others, the directors Frank Castorf, Leander Haußmann, Alain Platel, and Johan Simons. Together with the agency LSD, he developed an image campaign for the reopening of the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin in 1992, and has been its chief stage designer since then. Among the awards he has received are the Critics Prize of the Berlin Newspapers, the Kainz Medal of the City of Vienna (both in 2000), the Berlin Theatre Prize of the Prussian Maritime Trade Foundation (2003), the Stage Designer of the Year award of the journal Theater heute, and the Nestroy Prize for Best Stage Design.

Bert Neumann died 2015 on July 30.

Translated by Jonathan Uhlaner

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