Stages for children‘s and youth theatre in Germany

Consol Theater

Consol Theater © Vollmer

  • Children’s theatre
  • Youth theatre
  • Theatre education sessions for schools
The Consol Theater opened in 2001 in what was formerly an aeration structure on the grounds of the Consolidation mine. Under the artistic management of Andrea Kramer and Michael Gees, it has worked with freelance actors to become a highly-reputed children’s and youth theatre.

The Consol Theater’s imaginative and poetic productions are a distinctive combination of theatre, dance, improvisation and music, most of which is composed especially for the occasion and is performed live. The theatre is also involved in promoting the artistic development of children, teenagers and young adults with the aim of giving an artistic impetus to their social future. Thus, as well as staging theatre productions, the theatre offers a variety of theatre and music courses for all generations. At the annual Gelsenkirchen School Theatre Days, school theatre groups can present their productions in the Consol Theater’s professional setting.

The Consol Theater’s rooms – the whole premises or individual rooms - are also available for rent. The Consol Theater Gelsenkirchen is supported by the “forum kunstvereint e.V.” association.
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